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Spice Herbal Incense: Buy Legal Herbal Incense Products

Spice Herbal Incense .Com the pioneers in synthetic marijuana products now offers the absolute best legal herbs using a new revolutionary herbal incense blend and unique packaging unlike any others. Our spice herbal incense comes in a sealed air tight jar for unmatched freshness, quality and best of all ease of use and storage.
(all products comply with current and proposed legislation and are D.E.A. approved.)

Spice herbal incense is the new 100% legal bud that is flying off the smoke shop shelves across the country and is on its way to becoming the best herbal incense product to hit the market yet. Many people who have purchased this herbal potpourri are raving about the aroma therapeutic feeling and how it has an even more potent cleaner aromatics than K2 Incense and other synthetic weed products. We guarantee when you buy spice herbal incense from our website and you won't go back to anything else!

We've spent years perfecting our legal herbal incense blends and we take pride in producing a consistently high quality product. We care about our customers and thats why we've been around for so long and have so many happy returning customers with such great things to say about our herbal incense products and our customer care.

WHAT IS HERBAL INCENSE? Spice Herbal Incense products are made from a unique proprietary blend of rare botanicals, extracts, and herbs that are all legal. Our herbal incense will arrive inside a sealed plastic jar with very discrete shipping. Unlike the other synthetic marijuana baggies (k2 incense for instance), our jars are unique and will keep the natural organic contents fresher and easier to handle for a longer period of time.

Spice and other herbal incense mixtures have recently become popular in the US do to reports of an “undetectable Synthetic Marijuana like high” that some people have experienced after inhaling specific blends. Although these claims have been made against all products offered on this site no blends are intended for this use. For this reason we have chosen not to sell any of our legal weed mixtures to children under the age of 18.

Spice Herbal Incense Customer Reviews

"Spice Herbal Incense is more potent and smoother than K2 Incense and other legal weed alternatives i've tried."

" I absolutely love the jars this spice incense comes in, so easy to use and store"

" This is the only place I buy herbal incense from, sooo fast shipping, unbelievably quality and they actually answer your phone calls or emails."


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All products comply with current and proposed legislation.
Spice Herbal Incense Disclaimer **All of our spice herbal incense blends for sale on this site are sold for incense purposes only. None of the legal bud sold are for human consumption at any time. The K2 Incense available have not been evaluated by the FDA. Customers must be over 18 years of age to purchase anything from this herbal incense site. Anyone related to this site can not be held accountable for any of your actions or choices. Laws may vary depending on where you are located. Please make sure to know your state laws before ordering. will not be held liable. Herbal Incense is not for Human Consumption and Should Never be Misused!** Our legal herbal incense are now 100% natural and 50 state legal!!!